Culinary Expertise

“People First” is the basis TWP started on and considered as one of our fundamentals.


Our dedicated professionals take a hands-on approach to serve; they are passionate about food, take pride in producing quality works and strive to provide service excellence.

Our strong belief guides us in applying a holistic approach to our Staff Welfare System. In addition to great remuneration packages and customized training pathways, we seek out external platforms and exchange opportunities for the team to develop and grow.

Our impeccable HQ framework provides strong and quick response to our outlets, giving our ground team the capacity to ensure a smooth and efficient operational flow, as well as the capability to produce quality day-to-day dining for our clients.

Above all, every employee of TWP is a dear family member whom we cherish. Our low turnover and large number of long service personnel are testimonies to our application of this core value.